>The Price of Memories; Engineering Department

April 25, 2014

Hi Assalammualaikum...

2013 memories...The Lord know whats going happen to me...he knows everything...in my heart..in my mind.. when i was happy.. when i was sad.. when i laugh.. when i pretend that i okay.. that when i feel lost.. when i need supporter.. Once he gave me rain & storm.. he reward me lots of rainbow.. its colorful and peaceful. Thanks Lord for everything..

My office-mate. Engineering Department. Yes! I'm the only girl & Malaysian. They all come from Indonesia. I had learn everything in here wif all of u guys. U teach me bout my carrier and my life. U are friend, brother and daddy to me. Even those we never know each other before this. U gave me a chance to make sure my dreams came true. Everything on me. Ahakss.. Coffee girl, lazy, laughter, secretary..gonna miss u guys! Half of u will going back soon. Thanks for everything. See u in the next project insyallah.. 

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