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Date:    10-13 AUGUST 2016

Itinerary: waktu nie, I terlampau excited, ya laa.. First time kata ko, will fly out of border. Sepatutnya, I ade trip lain dengan my friend. Dorang nak datang KL. So I kene bawa dorang jalan. But, my mom asks me. Nak join my neighbour tak pergi Melbourne? What!! Let’s go mom… dan sebenarnya, kami Cuma pergi ikut jiran yang nak melawat anak dia yang belajar kat sana, so, takde laa best mana pun trip kami ni.. tapi I wish, ade laaa serba sedikit dapat membantu melancarkan program korang menjelajah benua Aussie.

1st DAY 4/12
0300pm We fly, +  8jam waktu Aussie,
1100pm Arrived and rest!

2nd DAY 5/12
1000am move to Phillips island
1230pm Philip island Chocolate factory. 
0100pm check in and lunch
0230pm Animal Wild Park
0400pm The Nobbies Centre
0700pm The Penguin park
Night (free & easy)

3rd DAY 6/12
1000am Back to Melbourne City
1130am Mornington Town (shopping in target)
0130pm arrived at Home, Melbourne city & lunch
0300pm Harbour Town (Shopping centbury t-shirt)
0500pm DFO Essendon (Shopping fossil purse / handbag / perfume)
Night (free & easy)

4th DAY
0900am Take TRAM
0930am Melbourne University
1100am Victoria Market
0100pm Lunch @ Blok M (indo food)
0200pm Shrine Of Remembrance
0400pm Luna Park @ St.Kida (by tram)
0600pm back home & walk around neighbourhood area
Night (free & easy)

5th DAY
1000am Train station Melbourne Flinders Street
1100am Brighton Beach, walk around
0100pm Shopping @ South Wharf DFO
0500pm Melbourne Convention Centre (solat @ MCC)
0600pm Dinner @ d’Food Connection (Western Halal Food) Melbourne Central
Night (free & easy)

6th Day
1000am Victoria Market
0100pm Melbourne City
              China Town
              Melbourne Library
0600pm Nite @ going back to KUL

Review: kurang seminggu sememangnya tidak berbaloi. disebabkan kami pergi atas tujuan bukan melancong. so, alhamdullilah. perjalanan sejauh ini dapat membuka mata i. setiap langkah kaki, mahupun setiap langkah keputusan yang kit buat. akan memberi 1001 kesan & kenangan yang tak dapat kita lupakan. so, harap. kalau korang tertanya-tanya. kat Melbourne ni nak shopping dekat mana. ni, antara tempat-tempat korang kene terjah. di melbourne banyak Primeum Outlet. so, hope dapat laa membantu korang serba sedikit. k..

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