EAT; VCR Cafe Hipster @ Bukit Bintang

October 19, 2017

Address: 2, Jalan Galloway Kuala Lumpur

Ratings: ¶¶
Price Rating: Standard 

Contact: +603-2110 2330

Social Media:


Looking for new hangout place area KL kan. nowdays, Hipster Cafe laa jadi pilihan kan. hasil google. kami jumpa kedai ni. mula-mula agak ragu-ragu. tapi bila masuk dalam. WOW! nothing to worry. typical coffee house. seriously memang cantik and suitable kalau korang nak lepak. just nak coffee-coffee and talks. i think kalau nak buat birthday party. serius ni menarik. kalau nak cerita pasal taste. for me, french toast tu menarik. Raspberry jem and coffee ice cream sangat balance. dark chocolate cake. so moist. we drink ice chocolate: i think u guys need more chocolate.. Hot Latte, seriusly creamy... if u gyus ask me how. it nice place for DATE.. i'll bring him here soon.. hahaha

for VCR team, its awesome. nice place! nice view! nice Coffee

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