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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ -

4 : 2


Ofcourse korang tahu ape tu Starbuck. tapi kali ni i nak share few information yang i dapat semalam. mengenangkan, ade sebuah Starbuck Reserve baru di buka dia Robinson @ Four Seasons Hotel at Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur. sebelah KLCC tu. pada awalnya. i ingat R stand for Robinson. then i tanya dengam staff sana. R stand for what? he said. RESERVE. means. Reserve COFFEE BEAN. few coffee bean yang takkan dapat kat mane-mane branch starbuck biase. di import khas. dan setiap biji coffee ni di tuai hanya setahun sekali. biji kopi di masak khas. dan di BREW dengan cara yang berbeza. 

"Starbucks Reserve offers premium and rare coffee beans that are only available at the store, as well as a great coffee experience. Coffee masters specialize in using the pour over handcrafted brewing method to make the drink. Throughout the process of preparing and brewing the coffee at a dedicated bar, customers can interact with the coffee masters to learn about the history and method of making Starbucks Reserve coffees."

i bukan laa pengemar kopi. tapi kalau diberi pilihan tea or juice. i pilih kopi. tapi bukan kopi 'O' tau. kopi o i tak minum. paling i  addicted adalah nescafe ice dan Mocha. so kali ni, i minta Staff tu suggest-kan i. ape kopi paling sedap. dia suggest Hot Caffe Latte. korang tahukan. kalau peminat kopi. dorang akan tahu perbezaan setiap kopi. okay. serius rasa dia lain. agak light. tapi pekat.

nampak macam mahal kan. i rase mahal lagi cafe-cafe coffee yang lain. so, si pengemar kopi. korang harus cuba semua coffee. sebab i rasa, i pun nak try yang lain pulak laa. macam terbayang-bayang Latte haritu..haha

selamat mencuba..


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