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i don't know why i always researching and testing the best products for my next Journal. i still feel i did not get enough tools. sometimes i think, i can declare my self bankrupt. hahaha. Can said, almost every day, after working hours, I will stop by every nearby bookstore. almost a day. then I found some pen that I like. There are so many great options out there; I can’t try them all, and you shouldn’t either. I don’t want you to waste a lot of time and money on trial and error. I like to recommend a product I have not personally tried. 

The pilot g-tec c maica is an attractive fine point
Gel ink ball point pen which comes in 12 vivid colours (the colour of the
Barrel represents the ink colour!). With it’s attractive design, glittering top
And the small hole on the cap which allows you to hang your favourite mini
Colour and style to their writing instruments. Fun fact: the name “maica”
Decoration, the g-tec c maica is a must have for females looking to add some
Actually stands for the word “my colour”.
  • Only have 1 size : 0.4

The Pilot Drawing pen has a polycetal tip and comes
with pigment ink which is bright, clean, fast drying and highly resistant to
light and water. This drawing pen is suitable for both leisure and professional drawing.
  • Size: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8,1.0

PENTAL; Sign Pen® Brush Tip - BLACK Ink SES15C-C
It's literally a fine point sharpie

  • Perfect for general writing, drawing, doodling and adding character to any signature
  • Bright & intense water-based ink is perfect for anytime you put ink to paper
  • Snap-fit cap prevents the extra-durable tip from drying out when not in use
  • Part of the Recycology™ line of products and made of 80% recycled plastic (Black, Red, Blue and Green only)
  • Nonrefillable
  • Water-based dye ink is smooth flowing
  • Unique, durable tip produces brush-like strokes
  • Lines can be thick to thin
  • Ideal for calligraphy
  • ACMI Certified


Nib Type: Bullet | Line Width: 1mm
Artline Supreme Metallic Marker are also permanent marker, water proof & non-toxic Ink. This premium quality metallic markers are perfect for adult/children. Super smooth application-great colors. Definitely a rich metallic color. Wide usage-painting on any surface -Paper,Glass,Plastic,Pottery,Wood. Water-based Ink .Environmental and non-toxin. Suitable for non-transparent,dark color paper. In order to maintain the quality of the colors ALWAYS keep the pen horizontal.
  • Available colour: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Metallic Blue, Metallic Pink, Metallic Green & Metallic Purple.
  • Rich metallic color.
  • Water-based Ink,Environmental and non-toxic.
  • Suitable for non-transparent,dark color paper.
  • In order to maintain the quality of the colors ALWAYS keep the pen horizontal.

Ideal for general writing including cards, letters and illustrations.
  • 0.4mm(Writing width)
  • Polyacetal resin tip
  • Fine line
  • Blur resistant inkInk colours :30 colours
  • Box of 12 pcs.

Artline Multi Pen
Artline Multi Pen Marker 1.0 is ideal for virtually any application and
will write on paper, card, plastics, painted surfaces, glass, metal, ceramics,
rubber and wood. Pigment ink is fade-resistant and acid-free and produces an opaque matt line.Fuss-free delivery requires no shaking or valves. 
  • Can be removed from non-absorbent surfaces with a wet
  • Polyester tip writes a 1.0mm line.
  • Wide range of colours - pastel colours are ideal for dark surfaces, while standard colours show up well on lighter surfaces
  • Quick-drying and waterproof cloth, but is splash-resistant. on absorbent surfaces.

Ideal for drawing, illustrating, designing or sketching.
  • Flexible brush pen.
  • Water-based dyestuff ink.
  • Vivid and clear 48 colors.
  • Color can be blended with Blender (XBR#00) or painting brushes with water.
  • Pigma Micron is recommended for outlining before coloring with this item.

  • Barrel and Cap:PP
  • Nip: Nylon
  • Flexible brush pen with PIGMA ink
  • Flexble nibs for clear line edge.
  • Brilliant color and smooth extension.
  • Waterproof
  • Fade resistant
  • Chemical proof
  • Odorless
  • Pigment

Available in 3 line brushs.
  • XFVK-FB#49:Pigma FB (Fine Brush), Black 155mm
  • XFVK-MB#49: Pigma MB (Medium Brush), Black 155mm
  • XFVK-BB#49:Pigma BB (Bold Brush), Black 155mm


  • Barrel, Cap and End plug: PP
  • Nib: Elastomer (FB), Nylon (MB), PE (BB)

Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter & Creative Tool
Simplify. Organize. Create.
Zebra’s Mildliner features a unique mild color that shows up softly on paper and a broad and fine point tip for all hand lettering and marking applications. Whether you are using the Mildliner for your bullet journal, planner, hand lettering or studying for your next exam, it will help you express yourself in a unique way!
  • Double ended featuring bullet and chisel tip
  • Ideal for hand lettering and creative applications
  • Mild water resistant ink is translucent and excellent for layering
  • Doesn’t bleed through
  • Acid Free, Archival Quality
  • AP certified non-toxic
  • Weight:  .02 lbs
  • Dimensions: .01 x .02 x .05 in
  • Color: Blue, Dark Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, Yellow, Blue Green, Brown, Grey, Magenta, Smoke Blue, Vermilion
  • Country of Origin:  Parts from Japan, Assembled in Mexico
  • Barrel Color: White
  • Point Size: Double Ended – Fine/Medium

My advice is to start with one of the good everyday writing pens I’ve listed. Once you get the things, you will stratified it.  Starting a bullet journal shouldn’t be a big production. Let your system drive your supplies. Don't ever waste your MONEY. Don’t try to force your journal to be like someone else’s. Have you tried the pens on my list? Let me know which ones you loved, which ones let you down, and tell me about your favorites that didn’t make the list! 

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